Bank Buttons and NOT Bank Buttons

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🔵⚪️Since the early 70's, various Happy Valley banks have produced the now-famous blue bank buttons given out before every Penn State football game. They have become as collectible as rookie baseball cards or star athlete autographs. Some sets are worth a fortune.


For the past seventeen years, I have been submitting slogans to Citizens Bank. In the early years, they used every slogan. Lately though, they didn't always take every slogan because they were too salty or PR inappropriate (Examples: HOOSIER DADDY? for Indiana or KNIGHT STALKER for Rutgers). So that led to the creation of Broken Ear Buttons just over three years ago. While the bank buttons could be thought of as Cabbage Patch Kids (goody-goody), Broken Ear Buttons can be thought of as Garbage Pail Kids (not so goody-goody). Our 4th set was launched earlier this year. One for every game, home and away. They are not sugary sweet. And often not politically correct. They mock, ridicule and make fun of every opponent. They even lambaste PSU. No one is safe. The sets have become cult favorites with diehard Nittany Lion collectors. The 2021 set includes a reproduction of the classic 409 button to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of JoePa' final victory this October. Order yours while supplies last.🏈

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