About Us


Our Store and our Story

Than you for reading this and learing what we do, and what our vision is.

Our long term vision is to establish a brand that shows a passion for Butterflies, Building Blocks, and Sports Fanatics.   Our cornerstone and our primary goal is our Original Designed Buidling Block Kits Featuring Butterflies and Caterpillars.

We would love your support and help to grow this business and launch an amazing Nature focused on Building Block Brand based in Lancaster PA.

  1. Make a purchase, we have a ton of great items, and our building blocks and personalized glass etchings make terriffic gifts.  Original and thoughtful gifts that will be remembered.
  2. Simply Share our website and our facebook page, and ask those you share it with to share it again.  This is simple and an exponetial way to get traffic.  

Our current state in our store is designed to provide a revenue stream that supports our end goal.  As such the current state is a mix of different products and sources. 

Our current offerings is as follows:



Manufacturing and Shipping

Hand Etched Glass Products

Our designs and Personalized options.  Permanent Glass etching on drinkware, and other glass items.

We are the Manufacture and make these to order in Lancaster PA

Building Block Models

Utilizing Micro-Blocks, sometimes referred to a Mini, Nano, or other similar names.   We designed these models, kit and package them.

We are the End Manufacture, we procure our bricks from China, but our packaging is printed domestically, and we kit and ship from Lancaster PA

Printed Products

We design our own artwork and supply a wide selection of printed items, including shirts, rugs, bedding, and so on.   We use a range of Domestic and Internatal providers depending on the product.   For these items we are 95% or better sourced in the United States

We are the designer, and we use 3rd Party US sources to print and ship directly to you. 

3rd parts Products

We have a selection of goods that we source directly from Manufacture who ships directly to our customers for us.

We source these products, and have sampled the items and we only choose and source 3rd party items we either have bought for ourselves or would consider buying for ourselves.   This revenue stream is by design temporary and is helping us to grow our other items.


Our Story

Our founder and owner is Kelly, she is an amazing and strong woman who would do anything for anyone!   My name is John and I am the primary tech and social media for this adventure.  I am also the creator and designer of the building block models.   Kelly is a Butterfly enthusiast who raises and releases butterflys, the two she has the most experince with are Monarchs and Black Swallowtails.  To date she has been doing this for 3 years and has released raised and released over 5,000 Butterflies!   

I am a Lego Fan, collector, and somewhat of a fanatic.   I am also a Penn State Grad and fanatical about that as most people are with their Universities or Sports teams.   Anyway I had always wanted a building block (Lego) model of some of my favorite Penn State land Marks, 2 years ago I finally found the time and build a Lion Statue and Lion Head, shared on some PSU sites and the response was overwhelming and very encouraging.   After sharing this with Kelly, her response was “Brilliant”, now can you build me some butterflies….

Well I did build her Butterflies, 3 to be exact, 2 caterpillars, and a Monarch Chrysalis.  We shared these on the Butterfly sites and the response was equally overwhelming and encouraging.   So after some discussion Kelly decided to Launch a Business around both the Building Blocks and Butterflies.   Thus began our adventure into Launching an Ecommerce store and a Brand.

Our Logo and our Name we chose because what else could we say…   Our products are Inspiring and they are all rooted in what we are passionate about;  Thus our name Inspired Passion Productions, LLC was born.   Our logo is simple and memorable and it represents our Passion.   It consists of our two favorite colors, Pink and Blue, the Pink is actually the outline of a Black Swallowtail Butterfly Wing, and the Blue is a stack of Building Blocks.

We hope you will share our story, visit our site, and follow our Journey as we establish a successful and Memorable United States Based Building Block Company.