As a Buyer, I see hundreds of products and concepts every year. It is a rare occasion that I get excited about one of those new products. That said, it is even rarer that I am actually impressed enough to buy one to take home! I was a bit skeptical at first when ordering, but after receiving our order, Inspired Passion has far exceeded all expectations that I may have ever had! Their newest line of butterfly themed micro building block sets are PHENOMENAL! I’m a ‘Lego-Head’ from before anyone even knew what that meant! This line is perfect for the big kids... I COULD NOT put them down. (No really, I was up thatnight until 4:00 AM!) Every set includes a QR code with detailed user friendly instructions, online models, and they even include extra pieces (just in case you have a curious cat as well lol)! The owners, John and Kelly Cohrac, are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. John even went the extra mile and followed up to make sure that we had received our order and were satisfied... now that’s customer service! The block sets didn’t even make it to the sales floor before we had sold 5 to the employees. A very welcome addition to our gift shop and honestly just hours of fun!!! FIVE STARS!!!

Timothy Elliott, Buyer

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory