Monarch Butterfly Micro-Block Brick Model, Designed and Packaged in USA

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The Monarch Butterfly Building Instructions and Building Block Kit will make for a perfect gift to all the nature loving homebodies in your life.

This easy to assemble set comes with all the pieces you need to create a beautiful tridimensional and highly detailed sculpture of a colorful Monarch Butterfly.

An extremely fun and stimulating activity that will bring the whole family together!

Who else wants to Bring the Building block sculptures into your home without having to buy tons of Building block sets and trial and error building...

Enter the Monarch Butterfly Building Instructions and Kits. This unique solution contains instructions beautifully designed to emulate Nature in micro-building blocks, which lets you bypass the ordinary Lego Sets and leads you straight to Amazing.

This model is of the Monarch Butterfly and is roughly 12"x"12" and 6" high. Total pieces of 2,880.

Inspired Passion is excited to release the first grouping of our signature product. Butterfly and Caterpillar inspired building instructions.

  • Our instructions were designed with using micro-building blocks and our kits are only available to that scale.
  • All of our kits were developed to give the best definition on the model while keeping the size and cost reasonable.
  • We hope you enjoy these kits as much as we do.

This product is offered in 3 choices:

  • Instructions Only -Order from the Instructions Only Item on Store Page
  • Full Kit: These are currently available for order,