How I came to Raise and Release Butterflies...

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The answer is simple really, but the journey was quite unexpected.   I did it for Love plain and simple.  My wife always wanted a butterfly garden, and all I want is for her to be happy.   So its really that simple, my love for her get me involved in something I may not have done otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong I have always had a wide range of interests including nature and gardening.  But I dont really believe I would have ended up this involved if not for my wife.   

There is a little more to the story, and to some extent more than you need to know.  But context is important.  At 54, I didnt make my wife wait 25 years before I supported her in this, we only met 5 years ago after being single parents for 10+ years.   Which in itself was an amazing event for us.   Long story short knowing what she had been through, and what I had been through I wanted to do whatever I could to help her have and do the things she always wanted to do.

Little did I know this would become such an adventure that not only we would find ourselves raising caterpillars into Butterflies, but studying plants, insects, parasites, and so much more.   We have now released over 5,000 Butterflies and as part of the story we have launched an ecommerce business with its primary focus being Butterlfy Themed Merchandise.   So here we are with a story that is still unfolding and all for love.

Once we started this adventure in the garden 4 years ago, it become very clear quickly there would be no turning back.  Not only that it also become clear we were quite addicted and we might also go a little overboard from time to time.   When you wake up one morning and realize you now have hundreds of caterpillars in cages and tupperware containers all over the kitchen table and dining room table you might be a little obsessed.

When you spend a good few hours preparing dinner for the caterpillars (washing Milkweed, pruning, putting in vases and containers for the various sized creepy crawleys)  you might be a little obsessed.   When you end up looking at the clock and realize its 4 am on a Saturday and you just got done cleaning the last caterpillar cage you might be obsessed.   When you ultimatly build outdoor release cages, a Greenhouse, and remodel your Den into a Caterpillar workshop you might be a bit

butterfly and Bible quote Mugs


In coming Weeks I will continue to blog about our caterpillar adventures and hope you will follow along.  We also welcome your stores and comments as we truly are an add buch of worm loving Butterfly Freaks.

Until next time, we sure would appreciate it if you checked out our shop and shared some of the really cool items we have.   We also love to customize and personalize so if there is something you have been wanting but cant find them message us and we are sure to come up with something you will love.

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