Save the Monarchs etched Glass plate

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Hand etched 10?ǥ glass plate. ?áDesign depicts Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies in various stages of the life cycle. ?áBeautiful display and calls attention to the endangered threat to the Monarch Butterfly.

This elegant hand etched glass plate is a tribute to the Save The Monarch cause. My wife and I started raising monarch butterflies two years ago and have been captivated by the whole process. This etching shows monarch butterflies On milkweed in center, with a ring on butterflies, caterpillars, and flowers around the outside. of the life cycle and calls attention to planting milkweed. We hope you enjoy this as it makes a nice display for a hobby room, kitchen or shelf. Our etched are hand done and we do not use any chemical etchings that wash into the environment.

These plates can also be customized within the offered design or an entire new design of your own choosing. Just message us and we will help you design whatever modification or unique design you choose.

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