One Handed Receiver Catch MicroBlock Model

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There is something awsome about seeing those building block sculpture displays at attractions around the world that is inspiring.   Now you can build your own smaller versions of these sculptures inspired by Sports Figures.

Our Sports Figure Series features some of the most common College and Pro Sports.  The Wide Receiver is perhaps the most acrobatic of these positions in American Football.  This model of the one handed catch is sure to be a hit wtih the sports fan.  Available in a selection of colors so you can pick the closeest to your favorite team.

This building block kit comes with a set of detailed instructions and all the pieces to build this tri-dimensional model of a One Handed Receiver.   Great fun for the family, building block lover, or sports fanatic!   All Inspired Passion Models also offer a digital download on the building instructions with purchase upon request.


Pieces:  1200

Final Build Size:  12” Long, 5” wide, 5” tall

Build Difficulty Level:  Intermediate

Estimated Build Time:  3-5 Hours

Number of Build Steps:  88

Digital Instructions available:  Yes


Note:  Final build dimensions are at the longest points